Pool Maintenance 

Cannonball offers pool maintenance in the forms of opening services, maintenance service packages, and closing services. Managing your own pool and spa can be difficult and time consuming.  We strive to make your life simpler by keeping your pool clean, clear, and ready to entertain and use.  

The professionals at Cannonball Pool and Spa are highly trained experts who know how to use specific chemical treatments to balance a healthy pool pH level to make it safe for swimming and keeping it looking crystal clear. In addition to our maintenance service, we also provide cleaning services to keep your pool looking pristine and inviting for you and your guests. 

Our full pool maintenance service includes: 

  • Onsite inspection and test run of all equipment 

  • Clean off equipment pad 

  • Clean behind pool lights as needed 

  • Decalcify water spouting equipment and pool tiles 

  • Brush off the pool walls and pool floor 

  • Test water chemistry and balance pH levels 

  • Clean out skimmers and baskets 

  • Clean out pump baskets 

  • Clean off pool tiles  

  • Leaf net 

  • Vacuum entire pool 

  • Complete comprehensive checklist before ending the job 


Our chemical Balancing service includes: 

  • Onsite inspections and run all equipment 

  • Clean out all skimmers and baskets 

  • Clean out pump baskets 

  • Test water chemistry and balance water pH levels  

  • Clean off equipment pad  

  • Complete checklist before ending the job 


Our alternating services consists of alternating between full and chemical balancing service. Many find it beneficial especially with the aid of auto cover systems. 

You should be enjoying the summer with your friends and family, not stressing about skimming, vacuuming, and water balancing.  So, sit back, relax, and leave to pool maintenance to us! Start your pool season off right and contact Cannonball Pool and Spa today to get a free at home estimate!