Pool Closing Service

After a season of fun in the sun, it’s time to begin thinking about securing your pool/spa for the harsh Chicagoland winter months ahead. Without winterization of your pool, your pipes can break and destroy the inner workings of your pool. Leaving your spa open in the fall and winter can cause irreversible damage to your pool and your property. At Cannonball, our knowledgeable professionals have the experience and dedication to properly protect your investment. We guarantee our work and provide you with the quality pool closing service you expect for your pool/spa.    

 Closing Service Includes: 

  • Vacuum to waste debris

  • Drain pool as needed

  • Winterize all lines (including fill line)

  • Close inlet\outlet valves

  • Remove filters

  • Close all motors 

  • Close gas valves to heater *Shut off power to winterized equipment

  • Test, balance and treat water as needed  

  • Add closing chemicals

  • Cover pool/spa

  • Make sure all accessories\ cleaner units are stored in specified location

  • Double check and complete checklist

  • Inform customer of status

Chemicals included in closing services:  
  • 5 gal/lbs shock *1 gal winter algaecide

  • pH balancing chemicals within testing range 7.0 to 8.0

All of these services are needed to close your pool safely for the winter season. If you’re looking for more services to improve upon your winter pool closing service, we offer additional services to all Chicagoland residents. 

Additional Services Available:

  • Additional Pumps: to better clear and clean your pool. 

  • In-floor System: to keep your pool free of debris and dirt.

  • Waterbag Covers: to hold down your cover and prevent debris from entering your pool.

  • Filter Cleaning: to remove all debris that may destroy your filter over the winter.

These additional services will further protect your pool as well as prep it for opening the following spring. Properly closing your pool is essential to the safety of your pool and property. To set up a pool closing service, contact Cannonball today!

Attention Pool Owners on Well Water

Fill line water treatment system: This is a dual stage filtration system that takes out hard water to help prevent metal staining and calcium build up. Your entire system will benefit from filling with clean water all season long. Pre-schedule your system installation for opening and start your spring off right.

  1. Prevent your plaster from being destroyed by harmful calcium deposits and metal staining

  2. Prevent  your heater and pumps from being destroyed by abrasive hard water

  3. Less chemical usage and easier balancing (this means less skin and eye  irritations)


Fill line water treatment system $250