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Pool and Spa Maintenance

From opening and closing services to maintenance service packages, Cannonball does it all. Pool and spa maintenance can be a hassle. Our goal is to make your life simpler by keeping your pool clean, looking brand-new, and ready to use.  

Based out of Rolling Meadows, we have been providing the Chicagoland area with pool and spa maintenance for many years. Our experts are highly trained professionals who know how to use specific chemical treatments to maintain a healthy pool pH balance to make it safe for swimming and keep it crystal-clear. We also offer weekly cleaning services to keep your pool looking inviting for you and your guests.  

Opening Services: Our pool and spa opening services include opening all valves, turning on motors, testing the heater and water chemistry, balancing and treating water as needed, adding all opening chemicals, uncovering the pool or spa, and cleaning and pressure-washing the deck. 

Maintenance Service Packages: Full-service maintenance and chemical balancing services include onsite inspection and testing of all equipment. We will also clean off equipment pads, clean behind pool lights if necessary, decalcify water fixtures and pool tiles, brush off pool walls and floor, test and balance water chemistry, clean pool tiles, vacuum out pool, and clean out skimmers, pump baskets, and leaves. We’ll complete a comprehensive checklist before the job is done. 

Closing Services: ​With our closing services, we’ll vacuum out all debris, drain pool as needed, winterize all lines and pipes, close all inlet and outlet valves, remove all filters, close all motors and gas valves to heater, shut off power to winterized equipment, test and balance water as needed, add closing chemicals, cover the pool or spa, and make sure all accessories and cleaner units are stored in specified location. 

We offer our services to the Northern Illinois counties of Northern Cook, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, and Lake.