Pool Opening Services

Cannonball understands the value of getting the season off on the right foot. Opening a swimming pool is a lot more complex than simply removing the cover and filling the pool with water. To reduce your workload and stress, our experienced swimming pool technicians will provide pool opening services in northern Illinois that will lay the groundwork for fun and let you focus on making safe summer memories with your friends and family.  

  Opening Service Includes: 

  • Open inlet/outlet valves 

  • Turn on all motors 

  • Test heater

  • Open gas valves to heater 

  • Test, balance and treat water as needed  

  • Add opening chemicals

  • Uncover pool/spa

  • Pressure wash deck 

Our professional pool opening services ensure your pool will be ready to be enjoyed for a summer full of fun. If you’re looking for more options to increase the look of your pool, or if you just need a little more work done to make your pool that much better, we offer a variety of additional pool care services and products to better fit your needs. 


Additional Services Available: 

  • In-floor Cleaner System: To prevent the vacuuming that needs to be done between cleaning services.

  • Water Feature: To provide a relaxing and luxurious feel to your pool.

  • Large Rock Waterfall: To add dimension to your pool and increase its appeal.

  • Nature II Cartridge: To fight off algae and bacteria between cleaning services.

  • Drain & Clean Pool: To remove any scum lining or dirt/debris left over from the past pool season.

  • Natural Chemistry Spring Magic: To minimize work when reopening the pool.  

  • Auto-cover Fabric & Pit Cleaning: To increase the look and simplicity of the pool.

  • Auto-cover Maintenance & Inspection: To fix any damages and to protect your pool.

Cannonball strives to make our clients’ lives simpler so that they can enjoy their pools hassle-free. Call us today for a free at-home estimate.