Pool and Spa Repair

Swimming pools and spas are complex systems. Expert repair means being able to not just identify the immediate problem but also determining the cause of the problem. Cannonball's field technicians will diagnose and repair all issues that may occur, whether it’s an issue with your heater, plumbing, or filtration or any other underlying issues to ensure seasons of trouble-free fun. Pool and spa repair is something a professional needs to do to prevent damage to your investment, your property, and—more importantly—yourself. 

We offer multiple pool and spa repair services in Chicago, including:  

Leak Detection: If you continue losing measurable amounts of water, call us to come out and find the source of the problem. Our experts will patch or replace anything causing the issues.  

Control Panel: If your spa control panel is broken or outdated, contact us to come out and replace or fix your panel so that you can go back to relaxing comfortably.  

Broken Heater: If your pool or spa stops heating, just contact us—we’ll replace any damaged or broken components and get you back to relaxation and fun! 

Jet Power or Suction Loss: If your jets have lost their strength or your filtration or vacuum has lost its suction power, get in touch with us to come out and perform testing and fix or replace the equipment causing your issues. 

Broken or Damaged Auto-Cover: If your auto pool cover won’t close, gets jammed, or is just downright broken, contact us at Cannonball to repair it to protect your pool from the elements.  

Winter Damage: If the winter season damaged your pool internally or externally, call us—we’ll make the repairs necessary to open your pool for the summer. 

Cannonball will provide on-site repair services to any pool or spa in our northern Illinois service area.